What sets Mr. Lathrop apart from other lawyers is his over 45 years of experience in the practice of law, and his specialized knowledge in insurance and reinsurance. A seasoned trial lawyer, Mr. Lathrop brings his years of practice to alternative dispute resolution. As a leading jurist once said, "In a classroom everybody wins; in a courtroom, nobody wins."
Arbitration is faster and cheaper, particularly in the hands of trained arbitrators. As your arbitrator, Mr. Lathrop will act as a fair and open-minded neutral with strict attention to the ethical rules surrounding arbitral proceedings while striving to reach a just and equitable resolution of the dispute.
With litigation costs at an all time high, mediation makes more sense than ever. As a mediator, Mr. Lathrop assists all parties in reaching a reasonable resolution of the dispute.
Expert Consulting
& Testimony
As an expert in insurance and reinsurance, Mr. Lathrop gives well-reasoned opinions based upon experience, training, research and personal commitment, and declines engagements where a truthful, objective opinion cannot be provided.

Mr. Lathrop is licensed to practice in many state and federal courts including the Supreme Court of the United States. Learn More Please feel free to Contact Mr. Lathrop anytime.

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